They Came, They Drank, They Watched a Documentary

| By: Sarah Truckey
Sarah Truckey

In hosting a crowd of 50 at our office, we learned that people arrive to these functions hungry, thirsty and curious. And we were well prepared with a supply of appetizers, beer and a documentary.

On November 21st we welcomed director Doug Pray and his award-winning documentary, Art & Copy, released in 2009 but still making the rounds as one of the most telling films about the history of advertising. He introduced the movie then stuck around for an in-depth Q&A with the attending creatives.

Art & Copy with Doug Pray at Almanac from Almanac on Vimeo.


Thanks to everyone who came, and we look forward to seeing you (along with those who couldn’t make it) at our future events.

Be sure to check out our album on Facebook, photography courtesy of Ernesto Pacheco.