The (Boo) Cat’s Meow

| By: Nathan Sprehe
Nathan Sprehe

I still remember the day—February 15th. It was a bright spot near the end of what has to be one of the coldest, iciest, bleakest winters I can ever remember. We’re standing outside of an abandoned building near the intersection of Union and Delmar. My Cole Haans are not, as my daughter says, “grippy,”  so I’m sliding all over the place as I try to keep a solid footing on the icy front porch. Given that I’ve spent the better part of my adult life working to revitalize historic neighborhoods, renovating houses, bemoaning lost buildings and dreaming about the possibilities for those that remain, this is a dream project. I’m on the edge of my seat and can’t wait to get a look at this place. We’re greeted with smiles by Pat and Carol and we all head in. And thus begins our love affair with the Boo Cat Club.

Founders Pat and Carol came to Almanac with a big vision. They had recently purchased an incredible Louis Sullivan designed building—originally built to house the St. Louis Artist Guild—with the intention of restoring it to its historical prominence as the city’s premier venue for weddings, theatre, musical performances and other community events.

For Pat and Carol, this project was never about the building. Here’s what I jotted down after our initial meeting:

“I think it’s really the idea that Boo Cat believes in the importance of human connection and the human spirit, as a means of making the world more beautiful, more ‘sweet.’ Whether that’s by providing a unique venue for weddings and corporate events or through community potlucks and puppet shows. I mean, things can feel pretty drab sometimes. Boo Cat is a reminder of the unexpected joys of living this life.”

We took the Boo Cat team through our branding process, which included mood board exercises, development of positioning, key messaging, target audiences, and, eventually, development of their visual identity. Using what we learned, we also developed a marketing plan, advertising and their website. (Learn more about the project here.)

As of a couple weeks ago, Boo Cat Club’s website is now live, welcoming visitors with the sparkle of moving pictures, thanks to our collaboration with Pounds Media. The site’s imagery evokes that savvy elegance (but with a bit of attitude) that Boo Cat no doubt deserves. A special thanks to the incredibly talented Ernesto Pacheco for creating the 3D renderings of the space. They have been mistaken for photographs on more than one occasion.

Stay tuned for our next post, where designer Katie Hileman will share some background on the process of creating the Boo Cat mark.


Angie, Pat and Carol in the Catacombs. Angie seems concerned about all the work yet to be done.



Me, mesmerized by the workings of the stage. Photo by Ernesto Pacheco.



As usual, Jon is photobombing our internal mood board session.



Presscheck! The Boo Cat Club opens this fall. These biz cards have a double hit of gold metallic and black. #inknerds

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Rendering of the Gallery by Ernesto Pacheco.


Boo Cat Club Intro from Almanac. Shot and edited by Pounds Media. You really should watch this embedded on the Boo Cat Club website.