How We Do Design Week

| By: Sarah Truckey
Sarah Truckey

Above: “Colored Pencils” by Simon Lam

First things first: a congratulations to Design Week master, Mike Spakowski, who just had a little boy. Given that Mike’s been working on planning this event for the better part of a year, it’s like he’s giving birth twice this week. Here’s to him and his family!

For all the design/branding/content/artist folk in St. Louis, AIGA’s Design Week is getting to be a pretty big deal. If you’d like to see this contagious creative energy first hand, check out anything from eggs falling from buildings to classes on how to build a terrarium, and blocks with parties to open houses and guided tours of revitalized neighborhoods. But out of the 40+ events taking place within an 8-day span, we Almanacers definitely have our top choices.

The early riser in our office—partner Angie Winschel—plans to head to the aptly named Bright and Early: The Business of Design, which kicks off the Week with a panel of local design leaders who will discuss the joys, challenges, successes and failures of heading up a creative company.
Monday the 22nd | 8:30 AM | Regional Arts Commission

Creative director and partner Nate Sprehe is spot on with his recommendation for the week, as he so humbly accepted the job of judging The Dot Show. Come on down and see a collection of 7-inch circles made of wood, upon which local artists created representations of meaningful city location or icon. The silent auction of said dots benefits a charitable AIGA program.
Monday the 22nd | 6:30 PM | Regional Arts Commission

Typeface fanatic and designer Jon Simons is looking forward to the 75-minute workshop hosted by Aaron Draplin from Draplin Design Co., who’ll show attendees his Tips, Tricks, Triumphs, Turds, Treats and Tales of logo design and how they can apply it to their own processes.
Tuesday the 22nd | 6:00 PM | Firecracker Press (in Old North)

Having previously presented at PK nights in both Chicago and St. Louis, Content Strategist Sarah Truckey can’t wait for the Thursday night Pecha Kucha, which will feature presentations on our city’s founders, local art collectives, wine and much more. Hosted by local celebrity and preservationist Michael Allen.
Thursday the 25th | 6:30 PM | Mad Art Gallery

Check out our agency page on the Design Week site.

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If you see one of us out and about, say hello. Have a great week!