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| By: Angie Winschel
Angie Winschel

Communication Arts featured our 2013 Donor Impact Report for St. Louis Children’s Hospital as their Webpick of the Day for Thursday, August 7.

We’ve cultivated a close relationship with Children’s over the past two years. Having done their 2012 digital annual report, and tasked with one for 2013, we wanted to focus even more on their amazing patients and the way they inspire everyone around them. So rather than simply presenting the pages of the report in a digital format, we went a step further: we created a web-based timeline highlighting patient triumphs made possible by donations.

We approached it from the angle of those who work at the hospital, those who are “Inspired by Kids.” Featuring 10 moments, each was represented with an affecting photo accompanied by a date, time, animated graphic and an option to read more or watch a video that delves deeper into that patient’s story. These intimate moments connect the viewer with not only the children, but also with the mission of the hospital.

Thanks to Communication Arts for the shout-out, and to St. Louis Children’s Hospital for collaborating with us!

Read more about the 2012 Annual Report and the 2013 Donor Impact Report.

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