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Branding & Website for Photographer Jay Fram

| By: Nathan Sprehe
Nathan Sprehe

After many years of collaboration with Almanac, photographer Jay Fram approached us to develop a new brand. We love Jay. He has the ability to draw out the real person and create an authentic portrait, whether his subject is a sick child, a 95-year old nun, a corporate executive, or hell, even a monkey.

We began our discovery phase by working with Jay to identify and refine his target audiences and conducted interviews with some of those people—art buyers, creative directors and corporate clients. Their input informed our work in defining Jay as “an American photographer who crafts honest, emotional images of real people and places.” With that in mind, we developed a simple, versatile and bold mark intended to correspond with Jay’s personality on set—professional, contemplative and at times, loud and boisterous.

Business cards are printed with black thermography across three different types of paper, each color corresponding to the color palette.

Never mind that Armin Vit of the the site FPO removed thermography as an entry category for the 2013 FPO Awards:

“There are a couple of categories we will be dropping next year: flexography and thermography…the fact that thermography looks like tiny, shiny squirrel droppings on paper is evident by zero entries in the category two years straight.” – Armin Vit, editor of FPO and Co-Founder of Under Consideration.

Ha! We love Armin. Maybe we can get him to bring it back?!

When it came to the website, we made a conscious decision to abandon a portfolio “section”, instead opting for an approach that put sortable image galleries right on the homepage. In addition to the work, the responsive website features an “on-set” section where you can see more of what it’s like to work with Jay, photo story galleries and his blog, which we rolled into this website from another platform.

The initial reception has been very positive, including this feedback from an art buyer:

“From an art buyer’s perspective this is right up my alley. I can find samples of your work quickly to share with my gang as applicable projects arise. The navigation is very well done. Tearsheet section is cleverly done as well. You know AD/CD’s like to see their work in print and you’ve showcased that work wisely.”

“Blog is great, love to see your personal work so I can connect with your work as a human. Seeing the behind the scenes work is awesome too. Everyone wants to be friends with the cool creative guy and see a glimpse into your process. I firmly believe it helps sell a job when potential clients want to see how you work and feel warm and fuzzy about awarding work.”

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