Bananas Feed Creativity – Designing the AIGA St. Louis 19 Show Identity

| By: Nathan Sprehe
Nathan Sprehe

AIGA St. Louis approached Almanac and asked us to design the identity and materials for the 19th. annual Design Show. This yearly event showcases the best design work from throughout the St. Louis region, so we jumped at the chance to be involved. The project scope included the design show identity, call for entries invitation, website, social media & email graphics, award plaques and show signage.

The design for the show is traditionally themed around the year/number of the show, so with that in mind we set off to learn as much as possible about the #19. Here’s a little bit about what we’ve learned:

19 is the 8th. smallest prime number. Impressive.


“Hey Nineteen” is a song by Steely Dan, released on their 1980 album Gaucho. Hmmmmm.


Behold, the Renault 19! Eh… 


19 is the atomic number of Potassium. Ok, now this is interesting. 


In humans, potassium is responsible for cell growth, nerve transmission and brain activity. It helps get you going! Potassium is just what designers need to help them overcome the limitless possibilities and inherent challenges in creating award-winning work.

First up: the invitation. What better way to capture the attention of a busy designer than to mail them a real banana with the call for entries URL printed right on it. Despite high expectations, our initial tests did not prove very successful.


2014-01-03 15.25.21

2014-01-03 15.26.55

Alas, our efforts to mail real fruit were squashed. In the end, we settled on a die-cut banana, flooded with banana scent, mailed out in a translucent envelope.



The call for entries invite directs recipients to the website where designers can submit work and share their design inspiration.

Visit to Share Your Creative Mix

We all have different forms of inspiration. What feeds your creativity? Do you have a favorite design blog, coffee shop or playlist? Maybe you know an amazing curator on Pinterest or an artist on Instagram. Scroll down and share some of your secrets with your fellow St. Louis designers!


Using the features on the website and the hashtag #AIGASTL19, the community responded!




Visit the website:

As the users scrolls through the site, various design tools (and bananas, of course) continue to fall off the screen, ultimately assembling into a huge bowl of creativity at the bottom.


We had a fantastic time working with AIGA on this project but it would not have been possible without the amazing sponsors who pulled together to make it happen:

Kathy Sprehe – website development
Jay Fram – banana photography
Liz Lewis of Advertiser’s Printing – printing and project management of the call for entries invitation
Mimi Phelan of Shaughnessy Paper – invitation paper and envelopes
Tod Perry of H & H Graphics – banana scent

Last but not least: don’t forget to visit to submit your work. Entries are due by March 7th.

We’ll see you at COCA on the May 2nd for the show.