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| By: Nathan Sprehe
Nathan Sprehe

Almanac recently completed a new website for Crown Center, an affordable housing facility in University City offering essential social, recreational and educational services to seniors.

Visit the website:

Crown Center prides itself on being an extremely diverse, welcoming, yet close-knit community. This is apparent as soon as you step into the building. Roaming the halls you’ll find notices typed up in English, Chinese and Russian. If you visit near Passover, you could run into a group of Chinese residents making charoset for their model passover seder. Pop into the cafeteria and you’ll find non-resident neighbors stopping in for lunch. The place is buzzing! And with new programming and expanded community spaces on the horizon, Crown Center is poised to become even more vibrant in the coming months.

During our discovery phase, we searched both locally and nationally for examples of other senior living facility brands/websites who where doing a good job of communicating an authentic, diverse and community-focused lifestyle. We didn’t turn up much. Everything we came across had the typical stodgy “old folks home” color palette, and awkward photos of older adults sitting by themselves in the lobby or playing bingo. We knew Crown Center was about so much more.

Challenging long held beliefs and providing a fresh perspective is something we’re passionate about at Almanac. We were determined not to fall into the conventional trap, so we utilized an unexpected color palette and developed warm and inviting messages for key areas of the website. Original photography showing active and engaged residents is supported by resident and volunteer testimonials woven throughout.

We’re proud of this site for many reasons. The website is entirely content-managed, which makes it a powerful tool for Crown Center staff  tasked with keeping the 244 apartments leased. Its responsive design works very well, which increases accessibility. Best of all, people are using it—in the first month alone, the website has experienced 3-times the number of visitors and saw a 20-fold increase in the number of page views.

But the thing we are most proud of is that the staff and residents feel we’ve given visitors a realistic window into life at Crown Center.

Visit the website:

Photography by the talented Douglas Garfield Photography.

Crown Center for Senior Living landing page


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