A New Strategy for Missouri Foundation for Health

| By: Angie Winschel
Angie Winschel

Some marketing and communications issues have nice, neat solutions. Others take time, research, patience and maybe even a hypothesis or two. Here at Almanac, we love having the opportunity to get down in the trenches with our clients as they wrestle with complex communication issues.

We got just such a chance when the Missouri Foundation for Health came to us with a request to help develop a tool that wold explain and clarify their new organizational strategy. Throughout 2012, the private foundation had worked to develop a new funding strategy that would focus them and increase their impact in our region. The strategy came out of their successful track record of targeting lifestyle health issues like smoking and obesity, coupled with their commitment to respond to the needs of the community. Sharing that entire journey in a digitally engaging way seemed to be a logical rollout.

Visit the new Missouri Foundation for Health Strategy Report website

In planning meetings, on phone calls and in myriad emails, however, we all struggled to put together a clear vision of how this site could work. Through our discovery and research process we peeled back the layers, and together determined that the goal of this new site shouldn’t be so much to look back upon the work that had already been done, but to explain how the new strategy, moving forward, would be built on it.

The goals for the site evolved once we established that the users were:

  1. external audiences, most likely organizations receiving funding and support from MFH
  2. potential partners

They weren’t as concerned with the process behind the change as they were with understanding the new focus and how they fit into it.  Using simple illustrations as the primary visual, users follow the path of an arrow as it guides them through a high-level overview, several case studies, and a deeper look at the different prongs of the strategy, ultimately hitting the target with the impact in the community.

The process of developing the site was also a tool for the organization as we worked together to develop clear messaging, tease out relevant statistics and tie everything together with the organization’s mission—improving health for people in our region.

You can read about CEO Bob Hughes and MFH’s new strategy in this article that recently appeared in the St. Louis Business Journal.

We’ve included some images of the website below or you can check it out yourself here: http://www.mffh.org/strategy-report/.








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