“Know Your Brand” is the Answer

| By: Angie Winschel
Angie Winschel

Had the great opportunity to speak with non-profit marketing professionals this week again thanks to the AFP Fundraising Seminars workshop series. I was asked to co-present with a current client on the subject of getting everything done when you’re a small (read: one person) marketing shop.

My co-presenter and I shared a good number of tips and tricks for getting and staying organized, ways to encourage and motivate your fellow staff to help you, software, spreadsheets and even ways to politely tell people that their great idea wasn’t going to make it on your agenda. But the majority of our time was spent talking about BRAND. Because it doesn’t matter if you have all your tweets set up in Hootsuite, or if you have an awesome spreadsheet that shows what stories you’re pitching the media and when, if you don’t know who you are and what you stand for.

Our participants got it right away: “So this is an investment in time now, for the payoff later, right?” said one. Right. Where better to put your precious time than in getting everyone in your organization on the same page as far as audiences, messages, unique attributes? Once you know who you are and how you talk about the things that matter, all those other decisions that take so much time out of your day become easier. You know what stories to pitch, you know what topics people care about seeing on your Facebook page. You can allocate funds toward the right communication vehicles for your audiences, and you can rest assured that most people in your organization can deliver the right messages most of the time.

So, my best trick for saving time in any size marketing department? Figure out who you are!