Mini Pink Book—The Stylish Side of Curation

| By: Angie Winschel
Angie Winschel

When we met Nicole Benoist for the first time last spring and heard about her idea to develop a web site that would deliver her picks on the most stylish places to dine, shop, and visit in cities around the country, we knew she was on to something. Nicole had long been known by her friends as the go-to gal if you were looking for a great place to take your visiting relatives for dinner, in the market for the hottest fashion, accessories or furniture, or wanted to indulge in spa treatments that were sure to be worth the money. After years of e-mailing around excel spreadsheets, Nicole, a writer and fashion industry insider, decided to jump in and create And that’s where we came in.

Almanac helped her further define the MiniPinkBook brand and website strategy. The content that Nicole creates via is delivered in a number of ways including the curated city lists, blog entries, a weekly deal for subscribers, and interviews with interesting and inspiring people. The city lists are designed to be easily filtered, so you can quickly drill down to the experience you’re in the mood for, with fun quotes from Nicole guiding you along the way. Focused around its founder’s sense of style and desire for memorable experiences, should prove to be a valuable resource for anyone who wants to zero in on the best of the best.

View more shots of the project here. Or you can catch Nicole introducing her new website on KMOV’s Great Day St. Louis on 8/12/11.

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