The Daily Hookup – Social buying gets cheeky

| By: Nathan Sprehe
Nathan Sprehe

Almost 6-months ago we began an adventure working with a new Washington DC based startup company, The Daily Hookup. Devoted to creating amazing opportunities for trendsetters in the gay community—and those who follow their lead—The Daily Hookup (TDH) came to us with a request to help position the company, develop its brand identity and create an engaging website.

“It was established very early on and repeated often, “if we offer you a Brazilian, he’ll be smokin’ hot!”

The idea for The Daily Hookup grew out of CEO Mario Correa’s realization that 99% of Groupon offers he received were irrelevant to him and his gay friends. He wanted TDH to be the antithesis of Groupon, so instead of a Walmart approach, The Daily Hookup employs a team of “curators”—on the ground trend-setting experts in each city—who hand-pick unique products or experiences relevant to their members. Some of the initial offerings include tailored shirts from Hugh & Crye or premium wine samplers from The Tasting Room. And The Daily Hookup is serious about keeping its offerings unique and on-point. It was established very early on and repeated often, “if we offer you a Brazilian, he’ll be smokin’ hot!” And best of all, a portion of each purchase is channeled to non-profit organizations in the community.

Through months of many intense design sprints, changes in direction, trips to DC, conference calls with a growing staff spread out across the united states and coordination with a programming team based in Chennai, India, we worked closely with TDH founders we developed a versatile brand, one that is urban and playful, one that works well with the cheeky company messaging and copy that accompany each offering on the website. We extended the brand to promotional materials for events and sales collateral, all with a focus on the curators, who at the time of posting this entry total 13 in four cities.

As is often the case when you aren’t working with your own trusted web development team, the final website misses some of the nuance in our design and the team still has some kinks to work out in the UI. But they’ve made great progress and we’re so glad we had the opportunity to help create this unique brand and experience, from the ground up!

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Photography, video and music by DP Daryn DeLuco.