| By: Angie Winschel
Angie Winschel

Today we were surprised to get an email letting us know we’ve been chosen as today’s Site of the Day on Awwwards. (In fact, I checked with Nate to make sure it wasn’t a hoax…it’s the internet, you never know.) It’s fun to see our site making the rounds…in the last couple of weeks we’ve popped up on How Magazine’s Top 10 Sites for Designers, siteInspire, and a few other website inspiration galleries. And a few weeks ago one of our favorite blogs designworklife featured our identity.

We’re pleased and honored that our work resonates with so many people.

OK, back to work!

p.s. We apologize in advance to Sean Thomas from the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group for the unfortunate screenshoot chosen by Awwwards. Sean, you’re a good sport.