| By: Nathan Sprehe
Nathan Sprehe

Above: Screenshot of NEXT video, be sure to check it out!

While building a moodboard for a project we’re working on, I came across this interesting restaurant concept called NEXT. Looking to open this year in Chicago, NEXT will explore world cuisine by changing its menu—and the entire design of the restaurant—several times throughout the year, offering diners an experience based in great moments in history or the future. You might be dining in Paris in 1912 and the next time, Hong Kong in 2036. If that’s not enough, rather than take reservations, NEXT will be selling tickets! Prices will depend on time of day/day of the week, and each ticket will have a flat fee covering your 5-6 course meal.

Next Restaurant will serve four menus per year from great moments in culinary history – or the future. Our team of chefs will investigate, test, refine, and present authentic menu interpretations from cultures, places and times. Depending on the cuisine, meals will be 5 to 6 courses and will include food, beverage pairings, and service. Our goal each season is to present the best possible menu from each culinary inspiration. We want to take diners on a journey to the foods we find exciting, delicious, and important.

Creating an entirely new experience from scratch four times a year seems ambitious, but I’m interested to see if they can pull it off. I love the notion of selling tickets at a flat fee! Here’s what we’re offering tonight and here’s what it costs. Simple.